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Market context & promises

Source: Scientific Advisory Board to the German Government on Global Change

Solar energy is a colossal and  endless source of energy. In one day, the Earth receives the solar energy equivalent to several years of human energy consumption. Numerous studies mention its increasing importance and its intended possible predominance.

Photovoltaic (PV) plants can easily produce electricity for local consumption, and also inject electricity into local distribution networks.

There are numerous advantages in doing so : 

  • Energy efficiency: no loss of electricity by joule effect
  • Economic efficiency: Costly infrastructures are reduced
  • Technical efficiency: Quality, reliability and a guaranteed energy supply
Other points of interest :
  • PV can also be installed on existing constructions, increasing value of property.
  • Solar technology is very well accepted by  local communities.
  • It increases social awareness, which in turn leads to energy saving.
  • The production, intallation and servicing of photovoltaic equipment create jobs (tens of thousands in Germany and in Spain).

All these advantages make it compelling for these projets to be supported by our governments and political leaders.