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Our commitments

 SolarNet Charter

1.Site Management HQE©

Every PV installation takes into consideration High Environmental Quality by imposing eco-building and eco-management targets.


2. Give priority to low-impact PV equipment and installations

Depending on their energy and environmental performances (Life Cycle Analysis, proximity and production process for the equipment, recyclability, fitters' skills).


3. A responsible management for the solar installation plants

Optimization and reduction of travelling by setting up a remote  controlled supervision network of the PV installations and favouring local interventions  through partnership.


4. Our firm's eco-citizenship

SolarNet wishes to control the impact of its activities on environment by considering:

  • Different means of transport
  • Consumption control
  • Eco-management and responsible purchasing
  • Waste reduction and management

5. Reach carbon neutrality

Our objective, via certified Carbon credit purchase is to totally compensate for our emissions of CO2.


6. Active communication on EnR (renewable energy) and energy efficiency

A preliminary energy diagnosis of the building (installation site) is provided free of charge to each of our partners, to identify the best solutions to reduce consumption and save energy.