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Our offer

Installation financed by SolarNet

When developing photovoltaic systems integrated to your roof surfaces or buildings, SolarNet finances the installation, and takes care of its maintenance throughout the lease

Management of the project from start to finish

As with any project, installing photovoltaic panels on a roof requires a certain investment, both financially and on project management time.
SolarNet offers to manage all the advance planning, administrative procedures and installations. Therefore, the company takes care of solar and feasibility studies (in partnership with an engineering and design consultant, Solareo), the possible modifications to the building permit, the installation by a specialist chosen in cooperation with the developer and/or building owner, as well as connecting the power station to the electricity network. 

Stable income and long lease

Throughout the entire length of the lease, SolarNet guarantees an annual progressive rent to the roof owner, to assure you a stable and regular income.

Added value to your property

A solar power station on your roof increases the value of your property  and ensures you a rental income for the length of the lease.

An installation which belongs to the owner at the end of lease

After the 20 year lease by SolarNet, all the  equipment of the photovoltaic power station is retroceded to the roof owner. 80 % of initial electricity production is guaranteed at the end of the lease.

An active contribution for the protection of the environment

With regard to environmental challenges, SolarNet has commited to an Environment Charter in keeping with its ethical principles.

Being a member of a network which informs you about the different evolutions in technologies and the potential of your installations.

 A positive communication tool enhancing the reputation of the property occupiers (owners or tenants).